Lisammayude Veedu

Meera Jasmin in Lisammayude Veedu

Lisammayude Veedu is a malayalam drama film which is written as well as directed by Babu Janardhan and the top level stars included are Meera Jasmine, Rahul Madhav and Salim Kumar. This film is the sequel of the film 'Achanurangatha Veedu' of 2006. The actual title for the film was 'Samuvelinte Makkal'. The film has got its rating in an average manner. But it conveys a good meaning and message for the community as well as the society. Babu Janardhan works on projects that depicts the life of people who have undergone through furious happenings. He is creating a nice visual aspects of the livings of those people. The production for the film is done by P.T. Saleem. The music for the film is introduced by Vinu Thomas.

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